New Elements Spurs Market Change with Microsoft Azure-Powered Constellation Suite

New Elements Spurs Market Change with Microsoft Azure-Powered Constellation Suite

Suppliers and Customers Applaud New Elements’ Effort to Empower B2B & B2C E-Commerce

NUREMBERG – June 20, 2017 – New Elements released its lead generation module SiteProspector; available at Microsoft AppSource. Built on Microsoft Azure, the app helps retail companies generate qualified sales-ready leads every day straight from their websites. By connecting SiteProspector to New Elements‘ Constellation Suite, companies will be able to identify approximately 20 percent of their B2B website visitors.

SiteProspector transfers all generated data and the customer journey automatically to Microsoft Dynamics 365, leading to a potential 250-percent growth of lead generation, acceleration of the sales process by 100 percent on average and optimization of the sales funnel by saving up to 90 percent of working time per lead. In addition, the SiteProspector is more than just a lead generation tool, enabling companies to save up to 50 percent of their valuable time. Source: Calculated values on basis of the website

It can be very difficult to handle the huge amount of customer data created on a daily basis from retailers‘ websites. But thanks to the architecture of Microsoft Azure, the Constellation Suite can scale its resources with demand. Now every retailer with an e-commerce shop can get in touch with those visitors who really are in need of their product. Every lead becomes a chance to sell a product — no wasted time looking for potential customers or making unsuccessful cold calls.

The Constellation Suite integrates several Azure services, including Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Azure SQL Database and Azure Storage to deliver solid performance. Azure Cloud Services enable the Constellation Suite to visualize and analyze the aggregated data without any loss in performance.

Ulrich Gros, CFO of the Immowelt AG says: “The possibility to see how visitors act during their visit on our website gives us completely new opportunities for customer care and interaction. The Constellation Suite runs on Azure because of its scalability, and you only pay for what you use. Azure SQL Database allows to get a good performance, especially when it comes to analyzing the aggregated data.”

Using the complete software solution, Constellation Suite gives every company the opportunity to do real-time tracking on their visitors; chat via text, video or phone; spread targeted content among the predefined target group; generate sales ready leads straight from the website and analyze all aggregated data.

“The ability to analyze data to better understand customer wants and needs is a significant factor in a retailer’s success today,“ said ShiSh Shridhar, director of retail business development at Microsoft Corp. „Solutions such as New Elements Constellation Suite powered by Microsoft Azure help companies to master their way to digital transformation by identifying ways to better engage customers.“

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