Exploit the full potential of your eBusiness

Exploit the full potential of your eBusiness

The “New Elements Constellation Suite” benefits from the power of Microsoft Azure.

Recently, technology and the digital world have changed dramatically. New Elements’ goals as a company are to help its customers to grow with the digital transformation with customized solutions.
New Elements is a software developer that delivers trendsetting technology in modern IT sectors, including big data, business intelligence, databases, cloud, digital transformation, and portals. With more than ten years of experience, the company manages over 800 new customers in several branches each year and supports their customers with excellent know-how.
With digital transformation in increasingly dynamic and complex markets, companies are facing bigger challenges today than ever before.

  • Identify website visitors and analyze their behavior and needs in real time.
  • Interact live in order to maximize conversion rate.
  • Transfer leads directly from online to offline and to the sales management.

The “New Elements Constellation Suite” is the right solution for all these tasks.
The application provides companies with significant new insights to improve and further develop their businesses. Each individual module can be used from a SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) system and is therefore easy to use with infrastructure that’s already up and running. The „New Elements Constellation Suite“ is an innovative solution that uses online and Big Data sources, and turns them into reliable and easy to understand insights to work with.

Monitor your visitors in real time, and identify their behavior and needs to
take part in the customer journey.

Connect your online leads in real time with offline information.
Transfer and synchronize with your CRM system automatically.

Analyze complex data with just a few clicks.
Build your own metrics and dimensions.

Interact in real time with visitors on your website (inbound and outbound).
Forward conversations without changing applications.

Provide individual content for categorized target groups and offer them significant benefits without scatter loss.

Technical details with regards to Microsoft Azure

The New Elements Constellation Suite is based on several Microsoft products and Microsoft Azure services. The current deployment utilizes Azure Virtual Machines running IIS to handle a massive number of HTTP requests. Azure Virtual Machines are load-balanced and auto-scaled to gain the maximum benefits from the cloud infrastructure. The Constellation Suite uses a full-blown virtual machine-based MongoDB Replica Set deployment for real time processing of visitor and live chat data. Raw data for the analytics module is stored in Azure Storage and processed by a Hive Job on an Azure HDInsight cluster. The data processing is regularly pipelined through an Azure Data Factory process that provisions the HDInsight cluster, runs the job and de-provisions the cluster at the end. The analytics itself is based on an Azure Analysis Services cube that loads the pre-processed data from the HDInsight cluster and makes it accessible for a Microsoft .NET interface that enables Constellation Suite to run MDX queries.
The software is in a constant state of evolution and the development team regularly evaluates new Microsoft technologies and Microsoft Azure.

The Dev-Team participates fully in Azure Advisor programs, like the closed Data Lake Preview.
“New Elements Constellation software exploits the potentials of your e-business in the best way. We turn traffic into turnover. With our solution on Microsoft Azure, we get a great flexibility with the scaling infrastructure and useful services,” said Atasoy Altinci, CEO and Founder, New Elements

Tiffany Wissner, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Microsoft Corp. said, “At Microsoft we understand the importance of uncovering actionable insights to continually improve business operations. New Elements’ commitment to Microsoft Azure takes advantage of global scale, enterprise-grade security and high availability to the benefit of mutual customers.”

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